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About Us


Redefining the Curbing and the World

This image is to represent who I am, as well as the future of Blessed Curbs.

    Hello, I'm Ryan Blessed, the owner of Blessed Curbs. I am a friendly, hard working guy that takes pride in what I do. I really enjoy curbing because it takes a lot of skill and an artistic mind. 

    This will be the forth summer that I've done curbing. Thanks to my brother in Christ, David Thomas, I have mastered curbing now and am very happy with my work. I think I have mastered it because I already like to focus on bringing something special to each persons yard by doing something that no one else does in Calgary. This includes using new stamps, making custom stamps, and installing LED lighting on the inside of the curb.

    Though I love what I do for work, my main focus is where this will bring me into the future. Right now, I am pursuing to become a pastor. My goal is to do curbing during the summers, and then full time ministry for the rest of the year so that my service to the church can be given to the fullest.

I love God, and wish to serve Him with my whole life. I am more than happy to talk about God to anyone who wants to know, and like to keep a godly environment for my workers. I believe that everything that I am, have and receive is because of God's goodness in my life. 

    I am happy to work with anyone who has different beliefs, and I do not force my beliefs onto them. I only answer what is asked of me, unless lead otherwise. In saying this, I encourage all Christian's to use our services as we will regularly give to the church.

    Thanks to everyone who uses our company, and may God bless us to help make a good difference in this world! At Blessed Curbs, we like to try to make sure everyone's happy!

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