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     Blessed Curbs is excited to present a new kind of curbing to the Calgary area! Currently, no one else in Calgary provides these unique, innovative curbs. We are very excited to start making this available to everyone and seeing it transform Calgary! Please go to our Bookings section to request a quote now!


About Blessed Curbs

       Blessed Curbs, formally trained by Best Curb, brings these great curbs to the Calgary Area! Unlike other companies, with Lammer Enterprises we have the full set up to make patio's, mulch beds, rock beds, garden beds, tree wells, and drains. With our partnership, you're not stuck with finding another company after we have finished building you a beautiful curb!

       Blessed Curbs is a landscaping company that focuses on building decorative concrete curbing. We make the curbs on site using our own equipment and typically complete our jobs on the same day. We charge per linear foot depending on what kind of curbing the customer chooses and that includes all the materials in the price. The only thing that might cost more is if the grass needs to be removed from the ground to lay the curb or if the customer would like to purchase additional sealant for the second coat which needs to be applied two weeks after installation.

Classic Curbs

Contemporary Curbs

Color Charts

Concrete Color

Release Color

      The color charts above can be used to decide which colors you would like your curb to be. Usually it is best to use colors that resemble your house or yard. You can mix any of these colors that you would like, but we recommend to ask us for our experienced opinion. The first diagram is the base color of the concrete and the second diagram is the color put on top of the curb for mixed colors.

Free Quotes And Yard Planning!!! 

Concrete Curbing Is Cheaper!

Decent edging from the stores and online are more expensive, never work quite right, and does not last! Decent store edging is usually about $14.00 per foot, but most of our curbs are only $12.00 per foot! For an additional $2.50 per square foot we will even remove the grass!

What to expect

  • Be sure to water your lawn the night before we come if the weather has been dry.

  • Lawn should be mowed.

  • Sprinkler heads marked.

  • Expect a little clean up.

  • Expect a little gap in different parts of the curb

  • Expect to re-seal stamped curbs a couple weeks after and then every 2-3 years after that.

  • Expect to pay 10% of the estimated price upfront.

  • We have a $1000.00 minimum